We Scan Tickets is an automated online service for selling tickets, the client will login and create events, tickets, checkouts, discount codes etc. they can then embed there checkout onto their website and wait while ticket sales come in. They can view the ticket sales individually, view overall statistics. modify the event settings, receive notifications on sales.

We take a small fee for each ticket sold, £1 flat rate if the ticket face value is £10+, 10% of the face value otherwise. the fee is automatically paid to us while the customer is purchasing the tickets. the rest goes into a stripe account and is processed to the clients account on a 7 day rolling basis. This page focuses on the client web login. See the Scanning App or Checkout widget for the related.


Clients can view their ticket sales with useful filtering inputs. The results are fetched via AJAX request to streamline the user experience. The page is built using bootstrap so fully responsive. Ability to download sales as a CSV formatted file. 

Each sale has a drop down which provides the client with sale details, refund and resend ticket options. The clients can handle the refunds because the funds are in their hands and the system to automatic by refund the total amount plus the amount of captured fees from We Scan Tickets.


The stats page shows the gathered statistics for the ticket sales. each tab is broken down into various sections of the data. if no data is available for a particular tab then it will disable and grey out.

The data for each tab is loaded via an AJAX request, this is to keep the page load time down. if the page was to render all the available tabs at once it would take to long and would be requesting data which may not be viewed which is wasted resources.